K.K. Slider!

see him live once a week, and if you request a song, he’ll even hook you up with a copy for you to play in your house (if you have a stereo)!

When and where?

Every Saturday, you can go to “The Roost” (The café downstairs in the museum) and see K.K. live, at any time between 7:30 PM and Midnight!


if when he asks if you have a request, and you dont request one, he will play and randome song of his, and you will get a copy of that. Or, you can request one (make sure you have to use capitals and spell it right)! Here is a list of his songs wich you can request.

Agent K.K.

Aloha K.K.

Café K.K.

Comrade K.K.


Forest Life

Go K.K. Rider

I Love You

Imperial K.K.


K.K. Ballad

K.K. Blues

K.K. Bossa

K.K. Calypso


K.K. Chorale

K.K. Condor

K.K. Country

K.K. Cruisin’

K.K. D & B

K.K. Dirge

K.K. Dixie

K.K. Etude

K.K. Faire

K.K. Folk

K.K. Fusion

K.K. Gumbo

K.K. Jazz

K.K. Lament

K.K. Love Song

K.K. Lullaby

K.K. Mambo

K.K. Marathon

K.K. March

K.K. Metal

K.K. Ragtime

K.K. Rally

K.K. Reggae

K.K. Rock

K.K. Rockabilly

K.K. Safari

K.K. Salsa

K.K. Samba

K.K. Ska

K.K. Song

K.K. Soul

K.K. Steppe

K.K. Swing

K.K. Tango

K.K. Technopop

K.K. Waltz

K.K. Western

King K.K.

Luck K.K.

Marine Song 2001

Mountain Song

Mr. K.K.

My Place


Only Me


Rockin’ K.K.

Señor K.K.

Soulful K.K.

Steep Hill

Surfin’ K.K.

The K. Funk

To the Edge

Two Days Ago


7 Responses to “K.K. Slider!”

  1. which song is the 1 that goes like be be ba be ba be ba ba baba baba ba beeeeee?

  2. all of them…

  3. K.K. Metal?

  4. Dumbass

  5. ello poppets

  6. theres a walrus that wonders around occasioaly. when you talk to him he says hes starving. if you give him food, he gives you the block pattern. is there any point behind feeding him? like, he’ll give you something. the only answer to this that ive come up with, is that maybe you have to give him 1 of every fruit, or that you have to just keep giving him food until he gives you something other than the friggin block pattern ive gotten every time.

  7. REPLY FOR JOHNNY= it’s called K.K. Love Song

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