Flygon94’s “Boondox Feather Guide”


To start off with, here are some FAQs:

What do you do with the feathers?
You can wear them, show-off to buddies, and help fill up your catalog.

Where do I donate?
You donate at the Town Hall, on the left counter (AKA the Civic Center). Then talk to Pelly or Phyllis, and choose “Donations.”

When/Where do I get my feather?
You get your feather in the mail the next day. You can only get one feather a day, so you might skip feathers, if you donate too much.


Donation Amounts

Green Feather: Donate 10,000 Bells to Boondox
Blue Feather: Donate 200,000 Bells to Boondox
Yellow Feather: Donate 500,000 Bells to Boondox
Red Feather: Donate 800,000 Bells to Boondox
Purple Feather: Donate 1,100,000 Bells to Boondox
White Feather: Donate 1,400,000 Bells to Boondox
Rainbow Feather: Donate 6,400,000 Bells to Boondox


How much should you donate at one time? Here are my recommended amounts:

First Donation: 10,000 bells*
Second Donation: 190,000 bells
Third Donation: 300,000 bells
Fourth Donation: 300,000 bells
Fifth Donation: 300,000 bells
Sixth Donation: 300,000 bells
Seventh Donation: 5,000,000 bells**

*Make sure that if you donated anything previously, subtract that number from 10,000, to get what you have to pay. You could easily skip that feather if you don’t.
**You must split this amount over at least four donations, as you can only carry up to 1,584,999 bells at once.

Don’t forget that you have the possibility of over-donating, so you may need to take notes! Also, you cannot donate if you are on Wi-Fi! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


~ by ac4life on August 13, 2006.

9 Responses to “Flygon94’s “Boondox Feather Guide””

  1. consise, thanks

  2. wait a sec. I donated 10000 bells on wild world and they didnt give me a feather.. do I get it in the mail??

  3. Yeah, you get it in the mail.

    And, thanks! I really needed to know how much to donate to get the rainbow feather.

  4. Thanks, I donated 1,4m and skipped all the feathers =O Now i started a new game and … voila! all feathers =]

  5. lolspam

  6. yo do you have a friend code????????? if so, i’ll give ya mines and you can come to my town LiBrami

  7. I donated 10,000 bells and skipped to the next day and it wasn’t in the mail. what went wrong?????????

  8. so if I over donated, is there no way to get the feathers I skipped? Can I make a new character? ugh…

  9. wait i donated more then 200,000 bells to boondox and i didnt get the blue feather … did i over donate or something???

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