Animal Crossing: Wild World

Article written by:SweetStuff
WW box

System/Platform: Nintendo DS

Developer: Nintendo

Genre: Role Playing

Players: 1-4 via Wi-Fi Connection

AC:WW (abbreviation for Animal Crossing: Wild World) is an evolution of the original Animal Crossing game for Gamecube. In it, you learn the difficulties and fun of living on your own, but there’s a twist. You buy this game for your DS and pop it in and start your life. You start out in a car with an old turtle named Capp’n. You may recognize him as the one who paddles the boat to Animal Island in the Gamecube version. You talk to Capp’n on the way and this decides what your face looks like, what hairdo you have, and how your town is arranged. For instance, if you talk to Capp’n in a rude way, you may end up with a permanent scowl on your face, as you cannot change it. You step out of the car when you arrive in your town. There you will walk into the Town Hall, which now has your bulletin board outside and Civic Center (where you make donations to Boondox, Announce yourself moving out of town, and other features as well) and the Post Office (where you mail letters, pay off debt to Nook, and access your bank account.) inside. Pelly, Phyllis, and Pete, the beloved (well, all but Phyllis) pelicans who ran the Post Office in Gamecube version, are still there. You can also catch a glimpse of Tortimer, the mayor, in the background sitting at his desk. When you move in, your home will be small and so will your store. When you go to your house, it will have Common wall and floor. The only things inside will be an unlit candle sitting on a cardboard box, and an old tape deck. You also will be in over your head with debt to pay, but you will go work for Tom Nook at his shop; Nook’s Cranny. There won’t be much at his store. A couple tools, (which you will need) medicine (your neighbors sometimes get sick), stationary, and a note in a bottle (there are a few other things, but not many) Working for Nook doesn’t take too long if you hop to it and do what he says right away. Also, sometimes while you work, in the top screen a UFO may appear. Lots of things appear in the sky, but you need a slingshot to get it down. You can’t buy slingshot at Nook’s until a farther upgrade of a store, but you may meet a friend who has a spare :happy. The tools in the game are fishing rod, axe, net, watering can, slingshot, shovel, golden rod, golden axe, golden net, golden can, golden slingshot, and golden shovel. Golden tools are earned by using your regular tools properly. There is a different way to get the golden tools. For instance, to get a golden shovel, you will need 2 shovels. Bury one in the ground. Leave it there. If you dig it up at the right time, the next day, it should be golden. Golden tools feature special techniques that make it easier to do their task. Golden rod reels in faster, golden axe never breaks, golden net is bigger, golden can is bigger, golden slingshot shoots 3 rocks at once, instead of just 1. Golden tools are easy to use. Also, when the game begins, you will have about 3 neighbors. IF you get to know them, they might give you stuff! You will have fish and bugs to catch, and tons of things to bury and dig up! Are you ready to set out into the Wild World?

~ by ac4life on June 27, 2006.

2 Responses to “Animal Crossing: Wild World”

  1. Hiya! Good job, SweetStuff! =P

  2. Thanks! It isnt exactly very finished….oh, well, it’s ok.

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