It’s Official-black and Pink DS Lites!

•September 19, 2006 • 2 Comments

They’re here!  If you havn’t gotten your DS Lite yet, you’re proboly going to go after a back or pink one…aren’t you?

I was a bit iffy about them even going to exist, because now a days you see GREEN PS2s and stuff on the internet, so you never know if it will be true, if they’re limited edition, or if theres only one way to get them ect.


New Skin!

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Another new Fall-Season skin for AC4life! Was it just meand Kiro, or did the last one seem kind of….bland?

Staff Changes

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After recent events, there have been a few changes in staff on the forum:

Kiro, and Flygon94 have been promoted to Assitant Admin Congrats Guys!! 🙂

Also, EmilyInHawaii and SweetStuff have been promoted to SuperMod Congrats you you as well!! 😀

On another note though, SuperHappyFuntimeNinja has been demoted to Elite Member. Sorry about that, I missed out on most things, so I don’t know much about this conflict.  He also made a post in the “Hi and Goodbye” thread, so that may mean he has left the site.  I am not sure on that though, and again, I do not have much information.

So congrats everyone, and continue making a brighter future for AC4Life 🙂


Flygon94’s “Boondox Feather Guide”

•August 13, 2006 • 9 Comments


To start off with, here are some FAQs:

What do you do with the feathers?
You can wear them, show-off to buddies, and help fill up your catalog.

Where do I donate?
You donate at the Town Hall, on the left counter (AKA the Civic Center). Then talk to Pelly or Phyllis, and choose “Donations.”

When/Where do I get my feather?
You get your feather in the mail the next day. You can only get one feather a day, so you might skip feathers, if you donate too much.

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Zelda TP Trailer

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Well, I found an awsome Zelda: Twiligt Princess trailer. It may be old, but here it is for you who havn’t seen it:

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Site Staff Needed!

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If you are interested in helping the site out a little bit, you may apply for site staff by PMing Tehthing on the AC4life Forums and give the job you are interested in.  We are currently looking for:


AC4life Newsletter Returns!

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Yep!  The official AC4life newsletter is returning, with your host, Wsoxrule!  If you would like to apply for a job, please do so on the official AC4life forums!

In other news, we are still looking for website staff, so PM Tehthing if you are interested in that.